100 Mile Treadmill Run * Guess My Time, Win a $650 Suunto 7 Watch

Tomorrow at 9am PST I’ll step on my treadmill and run 100 miles, with 30,000ft of climbing. I’ve set up a live feed on my YouTube channel, and I assure you it’ll be anything but entertaining, but we will give away a few thousand dollars in draw prizes AND we’ll try to raise $5000 for BC Search and Rescue @bcsarassoc

To donate, please see TrailSeries.ca/supportSAR (will go live later tonight)

To WIN a brand new @suunto 7 watch, comment (once) on this posting with your guess as to my time to complete this challenge 🤔🤔🤔 To partake in the other draw prizes, watch this video for information, and butter up Linda, as she’ll be the prize divier-outterer, on an approximate 1 hr basis throughout the day and night…and day….


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