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If you have a treadmill that doesn’t automatically incline, I have a solution for you! Walking is one of the simples ways to lose belly fat and get your heart rate up quick. See the full post here:

Comment below if you want more exercise DIYs! I love doing useful little tricks like this. The treadmill is one of my favorite ways to get exercise because it’s so readily accessible and can get your heart rate up quick.

Lots of people are concerned about the motor on my treadmill and I’ll be honest with you it is not used daily or even weekly! It is for when the days outside are too hot or too cold to go outside and I never run on it, only walk. I honestly don’t think it will affect the motor much because this doesn’t make the treadmill work any harder it just makes you work harder.

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  • People have asked how my treadmill is doing after using it this way for about a year. It's running just as well! Yay!!

  • Exceptionally good>>> It has a quiet and smooth operation. The electronics are more than adequate. We do NOT run on it, so I can't evaluate that, but the walking experience is extremely favorable. Then the best news, we had a problem with the treadmill that required the "dreaded" call to Customer Service and a repair person. I CANNOT express how pleased I was with their customer service and the repair technician. Absolutely top-notch!! Highly recommend the company and this treadmill!

  • I'd like to point out that this will naked the motor and internal parts of the treadmill wear down much faster than usual. The motor is not meant to withstand the added power needed for the incline.

  • M S says:

    This is awesome! Have you run into any issues with the treadmill running at a higher angle? Great idea!

  • Susanto I. says:

    i know this is kinda a late comment but i think you can improve the support design to prevent your block of wood to slide off the treadmill. still a great idea tho

  • Lorene Nance says:

    What a great hack! Smart, Anna.