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All the videos in this series are to document Twix’s recovery from emergency herniated disc surgery. Twix is a 7 year old Border Collie. Twix and I were playing frisbee and he jumped up to catch the disc and hyper flexed his spine. This caused him to slip a disc. Twix yelped but I couldn’t figure out what had happened. He did not limp after. He actually was ready to continue playing, but I decided to stop. Later that evening, Twix was losing mobility and had a glazed over painful look in his eyes. I knew something was wrong. So, I took him to the emergency vet. The next day, Twix was able to get an MRI that showed he had a herniated disc. It was a long 3.5 hour surgery and Twix had multiple spots from his T8 – L1 that had multiple spots of hemorrhaging and pooling blood.

It has been been a long road to recovery and will take at least a year or more for me to get my boy back to 100% but I have faith that it will happen.

It is very expensive and time consuming to nurse Twix back to a full recovery. Any donation or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

to donate to Twix’s recovery. He is doing well and will make a full recovery.

We can always use rehab equipment or anything that would help in his recovery (supplements, equipment, underwater treadmill, Endless Swim Pool Spa, or any product that would help him), I would be happy to do a video featuring your equipment as well!

Thank you for all of you that have been praying and sending positive thoughts and vibes our way! My boy is getting well! Thank you for following his progress. To learn more about rehabilitation and strength/conditioning training for dogs you can follow Twix’s Facebook Page at

All the exercises, stretches, and things that I show in this series are to help my boy recover.

You will see exercises on:
Underwater Treadmill


Core (Abdominal, Oblique, and Back) Exercises

Weight Shifting Exercises

Stride Training

Balance and Coordination Exercises

Proprioception exercises (cavaletti’s, heel work, side stepping, spins, backward circles, around, behind, walking, trotting, jumping, and much more)

Tricks that help in Twix’s recovery that build his core, balance, coordination or that work on his foot placement (proprioception). Tricks are not just for fun, but they also have a focus for his rehabilitation. Some tricks will include bow, ta da, sit pretty, criss/cross or cross paws, paw foot lifts, high 5, paws up, salute, bounce, jump, hind leg lifts, back up, side stepping, pivoting, around, behind, backward circles, right and left turn or spin and twirl, sit, down, stand, dig, backward leg weaves, leg weaves, crawl, and so much more.

Exercises that help build limb strength – Digging, playing tug, hill work, walking, trotting up or down hills, cavaletti’s, etc.

Tactile Simulation – Toe Tickling, Spots that make him scratch, Toe webbing pinches and sphinx positioning.

Exercises that help prevent Kyphosis (Hunch back)


Stretching – spine stretches, cookie stretch, side bends, etc.

Pushes – to get Twix to adjust and correct his balance.

I will be using TTouch Body Wraps for body awareness, hair ties for limb awareness, bells on his paws to bring awareness to his limbs, weights to help strengthen his legs, heat to help loosen up and relieve muscle stiffness as well as massage.

All the exercises, tricks, stretches, and conditioning that I do with Twix can also be done to help strengthen any dog and especially dogs that do dog sports. This is called sports conditioning. Humans that play sports do conditioning exercises, so it is also important for our canine athletes to do sports conditioning.

Pamela Johnson, M.A., CPDT-KA

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