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We are getting into summer shape with JESSICA ALBA’S TREADMILL CARDIO ROUTINE! Warning: This is a tough one. But if you are feeling up to the challenge, come tackle this intense incline HIIT workout with us. It’s going to burn but it’ll be totally worth it! We promise!

All speeds and inclines are suggestions. Please stay safe and within your comfort zone!

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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Warm Up
01:33 – Workout!
30:33 – Cool Down

Workout – 2 Segments: A Incline Interval segment and a HIIT segment
First Segment – Alternate between Walk/Run for 24 Minutes
WALK – 1 minute at 3.0MPH and 2.0 Incline
RUN – 2 minutes at 7.0MPH and 2.0 Incline
Second Segment – Alternate between Walk/Run for 6 Minutes
WALK – 30 Seconds at 3.0MPH and 1.0 Incline
RUN – 1 minute at 7.5MPH and 1.0 Incline
Cooldown at the end!

Songs Used:
1. Name Tag – Nivicious
2. Down Down – Hallman
3. Goals – Luftmensch
4. Hands On Your Body – Basixx
5. Help You Let It Go – Deanz
6. I Wanna Be With You (Daxten Remix) – Loving Caliber
7. Shot Away – Siine
8. Sleep Deprived – Lvly
9. The Sooner The Better – Yesable
10. Tropical Storm (Cospe Remix) – Cacti
11. When You Call My Name – Aiyo

What did you enjoy about this workout? What suggestions do you have? We would love to hear from you below πŸ‘‡

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  • You are so incredibly motivating! After that first interval I was seriously questioning myself for attempting this one, but you made me feel so motivated to get it done!😁πŸ’ͺ🏼 thank you!

  • Jessica, when will you get more Treadmill Videos online?

    As I wrote before, great performance and really long hair.

    I think this hairstyle is 100% particularly chic.

    Thank you so much for it.

    i am so very Happy about it. I am a Big Big Fan from you.

  • Nice video πŸ’ͺ🏽 I will be giving this a try! I just subscribe 😌

  • DevRunner says:

    I'm waiting for news from ProForm on my replacement treadmill, but I've been on the roads getting my workouts done! Keep pushing – I love your motivation! I hope you find value in my posts as well!

  • Joey Cinelli says:

    Great workout! Thank you!

  • This would have been a great workout. The problem is all the ads in between throws off everything. I get it! some ads need to added but over 10 ads and especially on a hit workout when your already pushing your hardest, tired looking forward to the recovery and we're constantly thrown with ads added on to my running. Suck having to keep pushing the skip,That blows. I really liked this but probably won't continue with this video again due to the ads..

  • I took this one ALOT slower, taking a kinda "rest" day…I got to 2.4😊
    Y'all are AWESOME! Keep up the great work!!

  • IBX Running says:

    Let’s go Runners!! 2.0 incline will get you ya on this one. If you stick to the top of the range we give, you hit above 3 miles (I got to 3.2). Let us know what distance you hit!! Thank you Jessica Alba for inspiring this one!

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