HIIT Cardio Workout Routine For The Treadmill (THE 20 SECOND DASH)

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a fat sizzling HIIT cardio workout routine for the treadmill, from my Live Lean Sprint 2.0 program.
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HIIT cardio is simply alternating between a high intensity, maximum effort interval, followed by low intensity, active recovery interval.

The primary benefits of a HIIT cardio workout routine include:
1. More TOTAL calories burned: due to the boost in your metabolism for an extended period of time, after your workout.

2. Triggers the Afterburn Effect: this increase in your metabolism after your workout, often referred to as the Afterburn Effect, creates an increase in fat burning.

3. Boosts cardio health: improves both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

But before starting your HIIT cardio workout, it’s important to calculate your HIIT heart rate training zones:

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = (220 – age)
For example, I am 38 years young, so my MHR is:

220 – 38 = 182 beats per minute (bpm)
Next, calculate your high intensity interval training zone, which for this workout is set at 90% of your MHR.

High intensity interval training zone = MHR * .90
182 * .90 = 164 bpm
Finally, calculate your low intensity interval training zone, which for this workout is set at 60% of your MHR.

Low intensity interval training zone = MHR * .60
182 * .60 = 110 bpm
So for me, the goal of this workout is to elevate my heart rate to 164 bpm for the high intensity intervals and 110 bpm for the low intensity intervals.

Once the high intensity interval is over, I’ll take as long as I need to drop my heart rate to 110 bpm.

Continue this for a total of 10 high intensity and 10 low intensity intervals.

Note: if it takes longer than 1 minute to lower your heart rate into the low intensity zone, simply set the timer for 20 minutes, and stop once 20 minutes is up, regardless of how many intervals you complete.

As your cardio health improves, your heart rate will drop faster during the low intensity intervals, which will then allow you do to more intervals within the 20 minutes.

Total time:
23 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

Warm up: Dynamic Warm Up Flow
Before starting each HIIT cardio workout, follow the included 3 minute dynamic warm up flow to get your body, muscles, and joints warmed up, and the blood flowing.

After completing the dynamic warm up flow, head over to the treadmill to complete a 5 minute walk.

Time: 5 minutes
Speed: 4.0 mph
Incline: 2.0
MHR goal: 60%
RPE: 6

Note: select a speed that allows you to maintain 60% of your MHR for the 5 minute warm up. The indicated 4.0 mph is just a suggestion. Customize it to your fitness level, based on your heart rate.

A. HIIT Treadmill Sprints
High intensity interval:
Work time: 20 seconds
Speed: 12.0 mph
Incline: 4.0
MHR goal: 90%
RPE: 9
Sets: 10
Important: indicated speeds and inclines are suggestions. Adjust to your fitness level.

Low intensity interval:
Recovery time: 60 seconds (or until heart rate drops to 60% of your MHR)
Speed: 4.0 mph
Incline: 4.0
MHR goal: 60%
RPE: 6
Sets: 10

Cool down:
After you complete the 20 second dash HIIT cardio workout intervals, finish with a slow walk, as part of your cool down, to allow your heart rate and breathing to drop back to normal levels.

Time: 5 minutes
Speed: 4.0 mph
Incline: 2.0
MHR goal: 50%
RPE: 5


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