How to teach your dog to walk on the treadmill – dog treadmill training w/ Americas Canine Educator

This video How to teach your dog to walk on the treadmill – dog treadmill training w/ Americas Canine Educator will teach you how to start exercising with your dog on a treadmill. There are many reasons why it may not be possible to get your dog outside to exercise however that does not mean that they shouldn’t exercise. Thomas discusses how to work with a treadmill to get your dog the exercise they need. He walks you through how to introduce your dog to the treadmill, what collar to use while on the treadmill, how to increase speeds properly, safety precautions, and what to look for from your dog to judge duration of training. As always thank you for watching. Don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe with notifications for all of our newest content!


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  • I just got a dogpacer for my 1 year old wheaten. He’s super high energy and strong. Will using the treadmill increase his stamina and strength? I really want to teach him to be calmer and less reactive.

  • Really glad you agree with the treadmill, I am definitely getting one, just got a 64 lb pitbull pup

  • Donna Taylor says:

    I must be SUPER lucky, I introduced my GSD pup to the treadmill & she loves it! Great video!

  • tami davis says:

    Once again a great video! Thank you!!!

  • BlooBerry says:

    I work at a dog kennel with both the owners working dogs and publics' dogs on holiday boarding. We have a treadmill and would love to start using it on the working dogs cause they're unfortunately showing stereotypic behaviour, so thanks for this video!

    Also, do you have any tips for enrichment that can't be destroyed by Malinois? They're not allowed Kongs since they use it for positive reinforcement and search training.

  • maximus star says:

    This is a really helpful video, I have a dog pacer and whilst Max is happy to walk on the treadmill, he looks totally miserable head low ears back, when I up the pace he continues , never attempts to jump off but he looks as if he hates it. As always your video are very informative
    Thanks from the UK

  • Interesting Tom. Thank you : ) Maybe give the dog a tele to watch : )

  • Do you know of any human treadmills that have a long enough walking plateform? I can't afford a dog pacer. Even a $600 one. I didn't know if you use any human treadmills. But thought I'd ask. If not, can you measure that walking plateform so I know what length of plateform to look for? Would you say a few inches shorter would be ok for a large dog? I have a service dog and I am able to correctly exercise my current service dog but he's 6 yrs old. I am worried with my health declaine and when I get my new prospect. Anyone that uses human treadmills for large breed dog, this question goes to ya'll too.

    Edited to add: I say a long enough plateform because a dog's gait is much longer then ours and most humsn treadmills aren't long enough for a dog.

  • Adam Davis says:

    Malinois are one of my favorite dog breeds. This is a gorgeous dog!

  • I also have a young Belgian Malinois. This is very useful. I will start her on my treadmill and see how she does. She is very high energy and smart.

  • Awesome content as always keep up the good work πŸ˜€

  • Amy Moore says:

    Woot woot!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ THANK YOU!!!! Much needed here!

  • steph herr says:

    Yeeeeah Finny Boy! So pumped to see him doing well! Thanks for this awesome vid Tom. You guys ROCK!

  • Hi Tom, I am on a limited budget and I really am unable to save each month. I do have a human treadmill from before. You mentioned a treadmill, but didn't go any further. I have a JackRat + mix (I got him from a shelter so I don't know what else) and I can play with him enough, but I think he needs more. How can I use the treadmill that I have? Love your videos! It seems like whenever I have a thought at home, soon enough you address it. Its uncanny. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸΆ

  • Thank you! I love that you explained this step by step. You make life easier for us dog owners that are trying to be better!!

  • Turbo Duck says:

    Hey Thom, I'd like to have your opinion on something. I have a working line GSD at home, he's 8 months old and his protective instincts are getting out of control. I suspect the problem is he either doesn't trust me and feels like he has to take charge of everything, or he's anxious. When we're working together, he's very engaged and easy to work with. Problems come when there's people, other dogs or sometimes cars around. Do you have any exercises or a video that you would recommend? I'm not sure what to do next.

  • Nice! This is a awesome, actually am doing a video of training dog's during winter time, different exercises tho but tread mill is great, just another point of proving that there's no excuse of not activating dog's just because it's winter πŸ™‚ And to other that's watching, there is treadmills that is not connected to electricity. I forgot the english word for it but the dog is basically making it move by itself. So if you have any concerns about a electric automatic treadmill like this, you could get one that only moves if the dog does! It's just a matter of opinion and ofcourse, your dog response to it