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Hi everyone,
Ready for a quick 30 min interval session? 5 * 60 sec hill, 60 sec flat, with 120 sec recovery. Are you stuck inside at the moment? Are you looking for a run ‘outside’ at Hawaii for motivation?

Welcome back to Treadmill Pack for the channel’s loyal subscribers. If this is your first visit; welcome, stay and cardio train while taking a mini holiday.

This session is for your hard interval day! You should find the hills a challenge but then have the feeling that the flat is easy and are able to fly!

The Run Down:
5 minutes – warm up
20 minutes – Hills and Flats
1 min – hard hill running
1 min – hard 0 or 1% running
2 min active recovery
5 minutes – Cool down

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the treadmill does not alter speed when on an incline, the exhaustion (stress) on your body has. Examples.
MPH 8mph @ 1% is 7:30 min/M. At 5% the ‘same pace stress’ equates to 6.8 mph and at 7% 6.3mph (Jack Daniels conversion table)
KPH 14kph @ 1% is 4:17 min/K. At 5% the ‘same pace stress’ equates to 12.1kph and at 7% 11.3kph

Training Alternatives:
1. Warm up before and after the video giving you 30 minutes of pace work.
2. 400 interval pace for the hard paces with total rest between sets.
3. Fartlek intervals. Example I ran 13.5kph @ 7%, 14 kph @ 1%, and 12 kph as my rest.
4. HIIT pace with sprint pace and rest. Example I ran 14.5kph @ 5%, 15kph @ 1%, and 6kph (easy walk) as my rest.

I am not a coach, I am a runner like you. I regularly get asked how I use my treadmill within my regular training plan. This and other post sessions are some of my favourites to improve endurance and speed.

Join us on your treadmill, stationary bicycle, stair climber, elliptical rider or even your home fitness circuit.

I run to these videos on my treadmill in my garage, that is why I make them. I’ve been a runner for over forty-five years. I’m carrying a few injuries but I’m still going! If I don’t like the quality or I can’t run to the video I don’t post it!

2019 Stats 53YO
1km: 3:54min
1 mile 6:27min,
5k 21.22min,
Parkrun 22:00,
10k 47:54 (during 1/2M),
1/2M 1:46:11 (1st attempt)

Closed captions (CC) The closed captions translations have been completed either by Youtube translation or If there are any errors, please assist by making necessary corrections.

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Video Quality: Filmed in 1080
Run Time: 30:00 minutes

I am not a paid affiliate of any of these listed companies.

Intro Music: ‘Flex’ by Jeremy Blake via Youtube
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Gimbal: Feiyu Tech SPG c.
Gimbal pole: Andoer G4 Series Adjustable Extension Pole for Feiyu Tech
Camera: Gopro 6
SD Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb MicroSD Micro SD SDXC. Class 10 V30 4K
Gopro Adaptor: ‘For the Gopro 6’ Adapter Mount Holder for handheld Feiyu Tech.

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  • Cynthia C says:

    I loved this!! Thank you so much. Kona is one of my favorite places ❤️

  • Hello Everyone, This interval workout can be as hard or easy as you want it to be. 5 * 2 minutes of hard interval (1 min incline and 1 min of flat) followed by two minutes of rest. You can make this a fast interval session or drop the pace slightly and make it a fast Fartlek session with 2 minutes of easy pace rather than rest. Rather than watching a person in the gym (which is perfectly fine if you want a coach), this is just you, the Kona coastline and a timer so you can smash your workout. Enjoy