Killer Upper Body Treadmill Workout

Steve Pfiester demonstrates some of his favorite treadmill exercises. This workout is great if all you have at home is a treadmill. Give it a try! DVD coming soon!


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  • okan maras says:

    Perfect for my home office. >>> I just using for walking-not sure it would be great for running. Wonderful for light walking and getting your steps in when you cant go outside

  • ushireborn says:

    this is a stabilizer endurance workout. this does nothing for hypertrophy and very little for strength. it limits what you can do because it would be unsafe to try. risk vs reward. I vote "no"

  • I raise eyebrows just by using handweights on the treadmill. If I pulled this stuff I think they'd have a heart attack, or throw me out.

  • naza mar says:

    I did one workout similar to the one where you reach out and works out your core the more you reach out. What i did was 5 push ups using the sides if the treadmill, then 20 reps (10 each arm) climbing the treadmill. Really intense, great results