Running Around Jerusalem Virtual Treadmill Workout #8 Promo: The Old City of Jerusalem

In this workout, we will be running around all four quarters of Jerusalem’s Old City. Enjoy this short teaser trailer of our full Old City run. Called, “Four Stories for Four Quarters,” this run will take us through some of the alleyways and marketplaces, holy sites and modern living spaces of one of the most complex, exciting, and storied cities in the world. Enjoy this teaser, and we can’t wait for you to run with us in the full virtual treadmill workout.

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  • poolahpot says:

    I have completed 4 of your treadmill runs so far(i only “fast walk”) and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!
    Please please please keep posting these! And when you are finished with the Israel’s Capital maybe branch out into the rest of the Promised Land?
    Also, will you please post warm up stretching as well as cool down stretching videos?
    Love in Christ Jesus, ❤️✝️❤️
    mrs. b
    in florida🌴