Snowy Winter Hike in Wildemann – 4k – Suitable for Treadmill Workout

We start our 6.4 km hike on this beautiful sunny and snowy day at the entrance to Wildemann, a small mountain town at the western side of the Harz in germany.
After a few impressions of the local architecture we will ascend along the hillside and through the forest towards the Prinzenlaube, a resting place with a nice view. From there we circle around Wildemann to enjoy alternating sunny and shadowy passages with some very nice panoramic sceneries.
Then we change the side of the valley to follow a small trail, which leads us uphill to our finish, the hill above the church of Wildemann.

This video has been recorded with a cadence of 120 steps per minute, having especially treadmill and crosstrainer users in mind, who want to enjoy some relaxing and unintrusive entertainment during training.
You can adjust the pace to your personal preferences. Youtube now provides custom speed settings in 5% steps, besides the 1.25/1.5x acceleration. A 5% speed-up adds six steps per minute, which makes it easy to adjust the video speed to your treadmill or crosstrainer workout.

If you want to be even more precise use browser addons like Video Speed Controller (Chrome/Firefox). Dividing your desired number of steps per minute by 120 will return the factor to use. E.g., if you prefer a running speed of 168 steps per minute instead of a fast walk, the factor would be 168/120 = 1.4

Playlist with more than 20km of directly connected hiking tours in in order:
in case you plan to train extra hard.

Video Speed Controller for Chrome:
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