Steady Pace Cardio on Treadmill – Rob Riches

Cover model and TEAM Optimum Nutrition Athlete, Rob Riches, shows how he uses a variety of different cardio to burn fat without sacrificing muscle, leaving a sculpted and winning physique.

You can see Rob’s entire Ab exercises in his playlist here:

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  • Hey Rob… I’m guessing your philosophy on running on Treadmill has changed b/c I have watched a few videos of you doing sprint intervals (I do intervals with great results – only 15 min. walk/run intervals after weights)… when did this change for you???

  • Incline puts too much stress on the legs.

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    This is wrong. Steady state is only better if you're glycogen depleted (i.e., you're doing keto or are on certain drugs) because you'll be burning near 100% fat. Otherwise with steady state you're burning a little fat and mostly glycogen at a very slow pace. HIIT will only burn glycogen; this is okay if you're not depleted, because later in the day you'll burn fat. Fat loss is a matter of energy expenditure vs intake. HIIT is better because it burns more energy quicker.

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  • H. Mir says:

    thank you so much for this!!

  • why is t a different note for women than for men? He makes a separate note for women that would serve men just as well….why?

  • The treadmill on my gym doesn't have incline function =[

  • Thanks for the Videos, they are great and very informative. Im proffesional ballet and ballroom dancer and ever since ive use some of your methods my physical physic has change and improve.

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    Don't let facts get in your way.

  • beewhy001 says:

    did you do biology in school? lol

  • jamie hickey says:

    if you're not sweating, you're not burning fat… simple. 'sweating is your fat crying out'

  • e d l ☾ says:

    Whhaaat? I run aaaaall the time. It's great.
    Might try treadmills though…thanks to Rob.

  • Caio Tenorio says:

    if my treadmill doesnt have incline mode. What i'm supposed to do!?

    Any advice!?


  • jim dandy says:

    Hey Rob, i had open heart surgery in 2002, a 4x bypass and i train using the bruce protocol treadmill specs, yes the incline does build and takes time to get used to it, also builds the calves. I start on grade 10 for the warm up then eventually end up on 15 at 5 + mph, run till i get extremely tired then slow down to 2.5 and lower the grade, i do about 2-3 sets like that then it's time for leg extensions and curls, after that squats and calves, you squat using a good amount of weight.

  • Does running lose muscle?

  • cshan159 says:

    steady state cardio burnsfat in the gym at that present time, doing HIIT burns it there and there after when you get home, he is talking about FAT LOSS for your body, not if you're joining the army or going into out of space you jerks, Robs body obviously speaks for itself I wouldn't doubt what he is trying to tell you.