Sugar Glider Playing On Exotic Nutrition's Treadmill Exercise Wheel

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Watch as a sugar glider learns how to use a Treadmill Wheel. Thank you the local sugar glider rescues for recording and sharing this video!

Exotic Nutrition’s Treadmill Wheel is the highest quality exercise wheel on the market for chewing animals like chinchillas, prairie dogs, degus, squirrels, and rats. The all-metal design runs on ball bearings that make this wheel virtually silent. The saucer shape prevents curvature of the spine and other spinal injuries caused from regular circular wheels. This wheel is entirely chew-proof and finished with a non-toxic powder coat.

Exotic Nutrition’s Sandy Trimmer Strips can be stuck to wheel for nail trimming and grip.

Exotic Nutrition has been the trusted source for exotic pet supplies since 1998, bringing high quality diets and accessories to conscientious pet owners worldwide.


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