Training on the Treadmill: Good or Bad for Your Running?

Is training on the treadmill good or bad for you as a runner? Should you train on the treadmill and race on the road?

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  • Due to traffic and weather, it is difficult where i am to train on the road enough. I've just started using a treadmill and it seems like a good addition to add more training hours and 'mileage' to my program without being too high impact, and it also takes away any excuses for not training – e.g. if I only have spare time in the hottest hours of the day – no excuses. Also finding it beneficial for doing tempo runs where otherwise people traffic would prevent me from maintaining a consistent turnover.

  • The treadmill can be boring, but if you play some music very loud in the room then it can be better than running on the road. I will start running on my treadmill because I want to play football at the sports club instead of running long distances.

  • M. Hamza says:

    Treadmills are a bit hard on joints..

  • my first half marathon I ran in 1h 49 on the road by practicing only on the treadmill there is still good odds

  • My city looks like this


  • kristianm8 says:

    What Garmin watch it that?

  • How can I add the elliptical and the stairstepper machine in my workout for a ultramarathon hills from 50 miles up to 100 miles I have until the end of October to get ready for the race. I’m 55 yrs young and the terrain is mostly flat here. I’ve been running on the treadmill for the pass 3 months but I get outside when I can. I just need some help on my training can please email me with your comments. thank you.

  • Ernan Jaimes says:

    Run faster on threadmill

  • Mikko Tuomi says:

    Thanks for the video sir. I usually use treadmill/ skillmill on winter and on spring/summer and autumn I run outside. Would you recommend treadmill or skillmill?

  • joe caterman says:

    that shouldn't technically be the case, with the exception of air resistance. Being a physics grad…. I tend to think of these problems in a certain way thus: Think, what happens if you do nothing on a tread… you just crank it up to 10mph and stand still? what will happen to you? You'll get thrown back at 10mph into the gym wall. So, to maintain your position you must literally run at 10mph, just the same as if you were on the track running at 10mph…. lets look at it another way then: it matter not that the tread is physically moving back… now your frame of reference is the belt's velocity… and as far as you're concerned the belt is stationary and the world is moving forwards…. you must run to keep up with the world. For me this is confirmed, as I am a runner and I know my own pace and what I can do on track / road. With a small incline (accounting for loss of air resistance) my lactic threshold is the same speed on a tread as it is on a track. However, road do give more impact for sure. Of course all this falls down if someone holds onto the tread… it could be regarded as being the same as being towed.

  • I always have the incline at 1 or 2 at least on the treadmill

  • x x says:

    I think your treadmill is not good enough. It's not stable and shakes when you run on it.

  • Thank you for this video

  • Matt Mann says:

    Wouldn't the extra cautioning in the treadmill slow you a bit ?

  • AmyJayne says:

    I absolutely DESPISE the treadmill, even though it's a necessary tool for my personal trainer to use to assess my weekly progress. We usually run Mondays, but recently he's been trying to push me out of this plateau I seem to be on, which we both know is normal for athletes. I'm stuck on it, and I'm having to be patient, but I hate the fact that I cannot seem to pin the same momentum and motivation I once had for running on the damned treadmill. Don't get me wrong, in March 2018 I was running maxed out on a speed 7.5, any more than that and I'd suffer. But now, I can comfortably hold 8.5 for a good half hour, 9 up to 13 for shorter distances. But for the past two weeks, I've freaked out on the treadmill as soon as my body starts to feel pain. I know I'm plateau and I need to strengthen and consolidate what I already have, but I'm really beginning to struggle mentally with it all and I want to have the same personal bests. I have a race in seven days, and as I'll be registering on the day, I can decide to do either 5 or 10 miles. Everything in me wants the 1,5 hour 10 miles, because I will feel crippling guilt if I go for the 5 miles… but if I don't do the 10 miles in 1,5 hours, I'll also feel crippling guilt. And it's worse because I CANNOT RUN ON THE DAMNED TREADMILL AND FRANKLY IT'S SOUL DESTROYING.

  • Can confirm, trademill running is easier then road running. Source: doing both

  • what treadmill do you use?

  • 2% for a perfect simulation of the road.

  • WATP says:

    I love treadmill running

  • Bobby says:

    Treadmills are as boring as ellipticals and exercise cycles You do it for 5 minute you will feel like you are done there is no motivation for you to keep going whereas if you walk 1 mile on road now you forced to go back 1 mile even if you don't want to having said that treadmills are only good when for any reason you are unable to go outside ….

  • James Bailey says:

    Surely the major advantage of treadmills has to be the low impact element, I'm 6'5 about 100kgs but a fast runner, much over about 50kms a week knocks my body around.. At 42yrs and battling an Achilles injury over the last 10mths and I'm turning to the treadmill to get the Kms in

  • This passed winter I did treadmill training instead of not running due to Canadian winter. I just don't enjoy being out in the cold with ice and snow. It did improve my running and now I'm using a treadmill for interval training mainly as the weather is getting nicer

  • Demon 1-2 says:

    I put the treadmill up at 3 for 10 mins, and then increase to 4, for 5 mins, and then 5, for 5 mins, and then drop it down 1, every 2 mins.

  • Coach Edu says:

    I live in the mountains where there is absolutely zero flat road or trails. For me treadmill is the only way to get flat interval sessions of recovery runs.

  • John G says:

    Too much hand movement in the presentatio

  • Don't go for a walk or run on the treadmill without the only treadmill safety waist belt.

  • Toby says:

    Mo Farah says on his own youtube channel to set a treadmill to 0.5% so I'm gonna stick with his advice over 1% in this video

  • I normally run 4 times a week a nice hour and gym 3 times but I hate treadmill only to day I had to go on it because of the bad rain in Sussex. I only lasted 40 minutes 😎😎😎😎 woohoo boring I love running near the see at the coast near seven sisters just lovely!!!

  • Jorgey Boy says:

    Very informative and encouraging video..great stuff!

  • I always find it much harder to run on a treadmill. A 10 min mile is difficult on treadmill, but I run 7:30 easy on a road??

  • amrfts says:

    just came here to say fuck treadmills, its not real running. Also for people who sweat buckets running inside is a myth

  • Ken Cosh says:

    Thanks for the video! For me Chiang Mai gets too hot for running this season, and most years I lose so much fitness between March and September. This year I bought a treadmill and I've been hitting it hard every day (for me) in aircon with a fan and large screen TV. I feel like I am fitter than ever and can hardly believe what I can do on the treadmill, which makes me a bit nervous about moving back out to the trail – next week I'll try the HTT track and see if the treadmill has worked. I probably should have been using a 1% incline though. Keep the videos coming!

  • Loppy2345 says:

    I'm going to start calling them dreadmills from now on!

  • Jason cooper says:

    Hi do you do hitt on treadmill?

  • It's odd – I find it a lot harder running on a treadmill, but that might just be mentally, as I find running on a treadmill awfully boring πŸ™‚

  • There's a guy standing behind you looking out the window doing sign language!

  • Steve Odessa says:

    I wanted to add this personal story. I am a guy that has struggled with my weight for 17 years. (Before that I was a shredded 5-10 170 lbs. After my college basketball career ended I gained weight and maxed out at 240. Around 2007 I got into runing heavy both on the road and treadmill. I got addicted to the treadmill and was running 30 miles a week minimum (at 0 incline) and got my road race times to low 7's per mile as a result. I also lost 50 lbs. Long story short I understand the treadmill at 1% theory and it is true for real runners and I assure you I am not. For someone like me I felt it more beneficial to have the grade at 0 and even at a decline at small periods for recovery. By doing this I was able to run much longer thus burn More calories, thus improving endurance and losing weight while getting faster too. I'm sure most professional runners do not agree but I'm just telling my success story. It took me 2 months to lose 40 lbs and another 2 to lose the other 10. Unfortunately fast forward to now 8 years later and I have no self control eating and I ballooned back to 230 and have to repeat this process again.

  • Brad Holmes says:

    as yoo get older , less pounding is good , lengthen your running carrer, goood points curious about linking a race altitude program to a treadmill

  • Hide Myass says:

    I find running on the treadmill just as hard due to the heat indoors.

  • Bob Krogh says:

    Good advice. 90% of my training is on the TM now and running performance has improved. Usually just run 1k faster on the TM to match outside effort ( heart rate). Look for TM's with good scenery. Favorite run is my long run that overlooks an extensive outdoor market.

  • TheDoanZone says:

    What watch is that?