Treadmill Training at The Skating Lab in Burlington

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My first training vlog for the Frisbee on Ice at the 2018 Silver Skate Festival is all about training at The Skating Lab with Kelly Lockwood and Rodney Winchester.

This was my first ever time on a skating treadmill and my legs are screaming still. The treadmill has about 40% more friction than the ice and it’s always moving so there’s no stopping or taking breaks. Even holding onto the bar and gliding requires effort.

I learned so much about my technique, improving power, adjusting my body position and training tips in only 20 minutes that it’s honestly already taken my skating and knowledge to a whole new level.

There’s so much we don’t know that we don’t know and being curious, having an open mind and being willing to push our limits and challenge ourselves is so important to reaching the goals and dreams you want.

Thanks Kelly and Rodney!

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