Treadmill Training for Dogs

Dog with lots of energy + Treadmill = Happy Dog


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  • AlohaLivin says:

    An animal can’t tell you they need to stop, rhis is far more dangerous for animals than for us. People don’t stop and think. Geez. He is running because what else is he going to do? You like it but does he?! Stop

  • Plz don't feed dogs while running they could easily choke on it. Eating while running not a good idea. The video is Awesome.

  • I don't get why people say this is "lazy" or "cruel".

    First off I can sort of understand lazy, but I prefer to use the term "convenient", whenever any kind of new tech come out that makes your life convenient in anyway, there are always a group of people who think that if you use it then you are lazy.

    Also, as for cruel, I should add that Dog's aren't as dumb as what some people think (I own one, an they are quite smart), an I'm sure a tired dog will step off (or jump off) a treadmill if he feels tired.

    Not only that but my friends Dog used a Treadmill and his Dog lost the amount of weight that the Vet wanted it too in well under half the time limit that was given, an the dog is as active as ever, so don't you dare think that this is cruel.

  • Vickie says:

    Love the video .. lol 4yrs later .. I'm going to play this for my dogs everyday until they stop refusing, lol!

  • Han Jay says:

    Brilliant 🙂 currently training my Collie to use the treadmill…. she has an under active thyroid so gained a lot of weight playing outside isn't enough :(.. x

  • U fone says:

    If you could do another video where it was a perfect right side view, and a front view of the dog…. youll have a lot thankful animators who would use your gorgeous doggo as a reference for animation.

  • Ekrem Alp says:

    Get pawsitive ! I like this very much