Treadmill Training Horses – Science of Training Horses on Treadmills

Associate Professor Allan Davie has been actively involved with horses for over 40 years and his specialised treadmill training programs and performance assessments techniques that are the culmination of years of extensive research into effective training methods for
thoroughbred horses.

As a researcher in equine exercise physiology his integration and application of scientific principles coupled with the physiology of training culminates in the maximisation of performance. He has published numerous articles and books in the field of equine exercise physiology. Clients all over the world including countries as Australia, England, Europe, Singapore, Macau, Japan, New Zealand and USA have used his treadmill training resources.

In this first video, Professor Allan Davie provides an overview of the science behind treadmill training horses.

To learn further about the value of utilising treadmill training with horses, visit where you can study online the Equine Exercise Physiology course designed and delivered by Professor Allan Davie.


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