Treadmill Workout 90 Plus Minutes – December 9, 2010

I decided to start working out more intensely today. The first hour I burned a total of 1,315 calories and walked a total of 4.54 miles (70 minutes total). The incline was set at 14 and speed was 4.0 the entire 60 minutes.

I decided after the first hour that I should push myself to complete 6 miles, so I set the timer for an addition 15 minutes plus 8 minutes cool down for a total of 386 additional calories burned and 1.46 miles to reach a total of 6 miles and 1,701 calories burned.

Needless to say, I should sleep very well tonight!


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  • prisskitajoe says:

    Wow! You did great at the gym. I can barely do 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. That is a really good workout you did. If you keep this up on a regular basis, you should see those inches fall off in no time. Good job!