If you are looking for tips on how to run faster, Specifically a TACP athlete then pay close attention. If you needto learn How to run faster and have a busy schedule and cant find the extra time to spend at the gym, then these treadmill workout how to run faster quick and burn fat is exactly what you need to do I use these training methods with a lot of my athletes that sometimes need treadmill workout for athletes, specifically my guys trying to make it through Special Warfare Pipelines such as TACP, CCT, PJ, SR. Make sure you consult a doctor before taking on any physical activities.


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  • Marc Spector says:

    I’ve been running cross country competitively for the past 6 years, I wrestle, and do a bunch of other sports and I still learn great stuff from these type of videos. Thank you so much. Your videos have so much information for how short they are. I run 5ks in under 18 minutes, and your tips help me get the most out of my training during the off season. With my busy schedule it is nice to know how to workout the most effectively with the little free time I have to exercise. Keep up the great work! I can tell you put a lot of time into your videos, and they really help out.

    Before I would just go run for time or distance without any thought to what I was trying to do. Now I actually have a goal and strategy to keep in mind when I go and run. Not only does it help to have a plan laid out, but it then motivates me to actually focus on the run and not just do it….to “exercise” and listen to music.

    I don’t know if anyone else has ever found themself having that mindset before, it may just be me.

  • armofsand says:

    This is legit! Get a mic for your collar man so we can hear that juicy info.

  • im out of shape. my cardio vascular endurance is shit. and i agree 100% when you say that you should be able to pass your past test when your sick or in your sleep. im just embarrassed to admit that i cant do that bc i have fallen behind on PT. I need help im currently active duty and im not looking forward to failing.

  • E B says:

    what shoes do you recommend?

  • K says:

    You ain't slick! Opening them curtains to show off the cake

  • Harlem Jay says:

    One of the best vids I’ve watched about running, definitely gonna be using that treadmill workout.