Treadmill Workouts don't have to be boring / Great Channels and SWEET SONG

thanks for stopping by. let me know what you think about some of this B roll. I’m learning to use Adobe premiere pro and really enjoying it.

run steep TV

treadmill TV

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song link:


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  • Flo & Nord says:

    You got a sweet set-up there alright. Shows you how out of it I am – I didnt even know Run Steep had taken a break:) Some great footage there TOm

  • CLFurlong says:

    Good stuff mate. Really loved what you did with this video was really sweet and super stable 🙂 well done mate

  • Both fantastic channels! Great video and great to get the kids involved as well, I’ve got to get mine signed up to some races this year as well, last year they did 3 races and junior parkrun regularly but yet to get started this year!

  • Chris PT says:

    If solo running still seems dull, I've got a couple of first person videos of races I took part in, which are good for treadmill 🙂

  • Nice to the more active kids!! 👍😀👍 Way to go with the treadmill, I can't stand it haha. 10 minutes and I am boooored.