Treadmill or “Dreadmill”?! I offer some favorite workout variations of mine.


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  • SDI Champion says:

    I’m about to quit running. Ran all winter, hard running, on my treadmill. Went outside and couldn’t make it a mile without stopping. WTF!?!? I ran all winter to avoid “starting over” this season. Would love your input Sage.

  • XXVelocityXX says:

    I tend to experience considerable heat on my feet from running on a treadmill for any longer than 30 minutes. I touched the belt after running after an hour, and it was pretty hot. That heat radiates through my shoes up to my feet. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around that?

  • Living Walks says:

    my partner films free city walk through video's to walk/run to, (you can see them by clicking my icon) – hope you find this to be helpful on your treadmill?

  • gunitrunning says:

    First, I want to say we love your videos. They are really helpful. Would love to see you compete at a Spartan. Perhaps Lake Tahoe World Championships where climbing plays to your strength!?? Any interest in that at all? Would be cool to see you take a podium spot.

  • Drew Braden says:

    Do you have any 2 mile, mile, 800 training plans?

  • Trevor Clark says:

    Treadmill running is really good in college I only ran on a treadmill and only run out side the day before the race and I raced so fast over the summer and still to this day will run on a treadmill ones a week. They are the best things ever. I like them for long rides and runs off the bike. So I don't have to think about what food to bring with me its all load out on the treadmill

  • Lee Extra says:

    As much as I dislike the treadmill, I may have to try some of these. Running outside during the hot, humid summer in the South is pretty miserable. Any tips for running in the heat?

  • Travis Lewis says:

    I live in interior Alaska. With raw temps (no wind) dropping below -40F and colder in the winter, a treadmill is the best way to train.

  • MRN Bricks says:

    Treadmills make me poop.

  • I have a TV in front of me and keep it tuned to Treadmill TV on YouTube or catch up on new releases on Netflix.

  • DoomiePookie says:

    I personally find treadmills easier than running outside. Since the treadmill moves your legs back for you, my quads and hammies rarely get tired compared to doing it outside. One thing i do like is my footstrike on the treadmill, i almost always strike mid or forefoot. Rarely ever heel strike.

  • JD Masuhud says:

    I used to hate treadmill but I have learned to embrace it. The consistent pace has helped my running I think. I need music though.

  • Which hoka shoe do you recommend that is good with a lot of cushioning for the concrete and is affordable?

  • Eric Quinn says:

    #1 I feel i have to work a lot harder on treadmill for same pace.
    #2 i feel that i cover a lot of distance air born because of momentum that you don't have on treadmill.

  • That's a lot of dandelions.

  • F V says:

    Outside is definitely the best way .. another great work out is running on the beach

  • dandanart says:

    As always super high quality content. Thank you.

  • Great video sage, some great workouts there 👍

  • I have always found running on treadmills to be a more difficult perceived effort than running outside. I've always found this curious because all of the science dictates otherwise. I'm also curious if the "1% rule" really only applies to 5-6min/ mile paces, and how it changes based on speed.

    Finally, I do a lot of vert in training but still find when I do tempo runs at incline and base the pace off of online calculators/ metabolic equivalents, the steeper grades still push me past my perceived effort for what I know tempo runs should be. Does this mean I just need to keep training for climbing? What are your experiences Sage?

  • cicirunner says:

    You should target the world record for treadmill half marathon. It's right in your wheel house.

  • Damm you really no running well.great videos as always…..

  • For intervals I leave the belt spinning & step off the treadmill between sets. Not ideal, but better than changing speed all the time

  • GonutsHFX says:

    Thanks for all your video's the help a great deal had a great full marathon last weekend 3:04:25 8th overall not my best but it was a swirling windy day (24 mph) so I'm happy, ran strong and at no point did I think I wasn't going to finish. Big assist to you and your channel for all the information.

  • another informative video thank you

  • That's the same kind of treadmill I use

  • I've been using a Treadmill in an altitude chamber at 2900m, how about that?

  • deft08 says:

    Due to travel/work, I'm a fairly heavy treadmill user. I agree with your points. The heat often makes a treadmill harder work vs. outside. I no longer 1% for this reason. Also agree it works best for tempo workouts. 1km intervals are ok too; anything shorter doesn't work for the reasons you mention. The one problem I've found is the potential for repetitive use injuries on anything longer than 1hr-1hr15. The treadmill is so flat, so smooth, that you never need to adjust your stride – I think this lack of variation makes injury more likely for long runs.