Updating Console Tablet via SD Card – Treadmill

This video demonstrates the process of updating the console with a micro sd card. This video uses a treadmill console to demonstrate this process, but this process is similar for every touchschreen console on treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.
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  • Where can I download the necessary update software to my own SD card? I've reformatted to NTFS and put the iFit fix software APK on the card (from this site: https://ifit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210914837-Console-Keeps-Switching-Between-Blue-and-White-Screen-Looping), but then it gets stuck trying to mount the card. I'd rather not have to wait to be shipped a new card if I can just download the software somewhere. Thank you!

    P.S. the only reason I got this far is because my WiFi is fine, but when I try to fetch the APK from the site, it tells me I can't download the software without an SD card inserted. And now that it's inserted, it's stuck on this screen and I can't get back to trying to download via WiFi.

    Edit #2: I just managed to get the APK on a USB and find the file via the file manager dev tool under apps. I was able to install, and now I'm back to square one with the endlessly looping iFit screen. ugh!!!

  • I’ve got an older Epic A32e elliptical. Worked great until I tried to update it. First started the looping now just boots to the Android blue screen. When trying to update by the browser it’s saying that an sd card is needed. I’m assuming the file is too large. I’ve downloaded the apk file to a laptop and put it in an sd card. Will this install if if I insert it? Do I need to do something special to the sd card first? Doesn’t seem to do anything. What formatting? Does it need to be bootable?

  • Is there a hdmi port or a way to Connect screen to a tv?

  • George W says:

    Should you turn off and unplug the treadmill before you take out the SD card?

  • okay, i found the solution to this, download the app, upload on your email, preferably yahoo as it allows apk files, dowload from your email on the console browser, open the app and wallah!!!

  • hi i have a Fs7i free strider, am stuck on the ifit blue screen tried reinstalling ifit through the net but every time i tried accessing their site it stopped the connection saying "data connectivity problem" "a secure connection could not be established" although i can access google home page and all the other sites. how ever i have opened the console and tried installing the apk through the microsd card but nothing happens, it starts with a initial message saying performing factory install for ELNT71313 (SOFTWARE PART NUMBER 356432) but then returns to the ifit blue screen. I live in india, where there is no service support of nordic. kindly help.

  • How could I get the sd card to reset nordictrack elite 5750

  • zakymaa says:

    Is there a way to update the firmware to enable Bluetooth? I have only iFit WiFi enabled and not Bluetooth enabled. Thanks.

  • Fahad Zubaid says:

    Where do you get the software to update it?

  • Jazzy says:

    I have a model NTL290121 treadmill with the TV and the TV doesn’t come “On” every time that the treadmill is turn on. Have to reset the treadmill many times to have the TV to turn on but every time the treadmill is turn on I have the blue indicator light on the TV but black TV screen. Like I said earlier after many resets sometimes the VT comes “On”. Do you have any suggestions .

  • Nordictrack (ICON Fitness) sent me a micro SD card to fix the continuing reboot issue with my 5700 treadmill with practically no instructions. This video was very helpful and with its help, I was able to get it going. Thank you very much.

  • Twentykixx _ says:

    My 5700 will not recognize the SD card!? I’ve tried a few, but none of them are working. I’m wondering why they needed to send an SD card to the other fella. Is there a special SD card requirement and or format?

  • gggg says:

    My display Consol won’t turn on. Anyone know to fix that problem?

  • stepz9 says:

    My NordicTrack is the commercial 1750. I bought it in 2013. Ever since the it performed the latest update it has not worked right. Always rebooting. Now it go stuck on the ifit screen and I'm receiving a message "damaged SD card" The funny thing is, it doesn't have an SD card to begin with. I've gone through all the steps to try and reinstall the Ifit but to no avail nothing is working. I've even taken the steps demonstrated in this video. I bought a new SD card inserted it and the machine does not recognize the SD card. I still receive the message "damaged SD card" I also receive the message download requires SD card. I am extremely frustrated and no one seems to have an answer. I'm hoping someone here has a fix. Thank you!

  • I have the Nordic Track commercial 1750. It has a USB plug at the very top. Bought it January 2012. Now I am having 2 issues. #1. It will not connect to my Wifi anymore- says it is not supported. #2. The incline has just stopped working- I did just recently move the unit in the folded position just 3ft from where it was. So I am not sure if a wire/cable came loose.

  • Jim Araujo says:

    I have a C990, stuck on Android screen, never makes it to the iFit. How do I download these files to perform the SD refresh?

  • My iFit treadmill seen reading update does not come on

  • Edmund Cramp says:

    My Nordictrack Elite5700 treadmill is continuously rebooting – they have sent me a new SD card and I've followed the instructions here to access the SD slot to insert the card but there are wires tied inside the machine that prevent the console moving more than two inches. So I can't get at the SD slot.
    I have a full extended warranty contract with them but Icon say "Thank you for contacting Icon support. Unfortunately, we're not able to send a tech out for this part. Our techs are not trained to handle software issues. If you have questions on installing the SD card, you can call us at 800-999-3756 and we can walk you through it." Call them and you get directed to this video.
    They told me "We do not have any manuals or instruction to disassemble. Following the assembly instructions backwards is our advice for this." which is fine except that the assembly instructions do not cover disassembling the console. I followed assembly instructions backwards and eventually got the console to pieces – the problem was that the wire inside are glued into place and tie wrapped to binding posts – you need to remove the entire console from the treadmill to access the SD card port and then reassemble everything to get it to restart/reboot. There's no AC line voltages on the console so there are no serious safety issues.

  • Kev Lack says:

    Hello Can I get some help

  • Kev Lack says:

    Unfortunately I bought a used x9i and I deleted ifit. I cannot get it installed. No sd card

  • Linda Bailey says:

    I have a Nordictrack commercial 2450 and the firmware will not completely load there is a blue button on screen that says Dismiss . however the screen says it has loaded. I am having to rebot over and over again and then after I use it it goes right back to Ifit screen looks like its trying to load again. Firmware does not update. I have a good wifi connection and all the bars are lit up but it still will load complete. I have tried the Update Released for WIFI Enabled Equipment with Reporting Issues it does not work. Getting very frustrated with whats going on . How do I fix it???? Or how do you fix this issue

  • Sean Laue says:

    My nordictrack treadmill stopped recognizing the safety key and the incline control stopped working so i tried to turn it off and back on. Now it wont turn on at all. The bottom control board seems to be working fine. Could updating my firmware possibly fix the problem? Will it update eventhough the tablet doesnt show any loading screens at all?

  • Can I install the Sw via USB, how? Is it in settings? I have a Norditrack X9i. It looks similar than the video

  • I have a nordictrack T23.0. after the update, ifit deleted. tried to restore ifit through ifit recovery, but it says "external storage not available". What am I to do?

  • My NordicTrack has HDMI and USB. What is the USB used for..?

  • My android display has flipped to a mirror image. How do I fix it?

  • Fahad Shaikh says:

    how can I watch youtube on the tv screen instead on the console?