Virtual 5k Run – Sub 19 Minutes (For Treadmill Training)

5 km (3.1 miles) in 18 min 45 – fast middle distance road running with GoPro first person view, while talking. Happy to be well under 20 minutes still. Every km under 4 mins, fastest around 3 minute 30 race pace. Pov video with camera on head strap mount (GoPro Hero 4 Silver) – timed/measured using Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch. Recorded in Lickey / Barnt Green near Birmingham, UK.


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  • Wide awake says:

    So realistic even down to the excuses at the start, I haven't been doing much running.

  • ITzYaBoiKing says:

    This looks so fast lol

  • Are you sure that's a 5k? 20 minutes? I'm impressed!

  • Do you measure heart rate on these runs? if so What level of max HR are you averaging here? When I race a 5k i'm averaging about 95-96% max HR. If your racing a 5k you should be averaging somewhere around that level which you are clearly not if you can speak as much as you did. At 5k effort with even pacing beyond half way I can't get out more than 2 words here and there. Otherwise Nice run, you are clearly quite fit.

  • Hi Chris, watching from Monterrey, Mex. I've been watching you since your early videos in 2015. Your videos have motivated me a lot. I struggled soo much to run under 19 min 5k, I have been able to do it 3 times now, my PB is 18:17 in 5k and 39:50 in 10k. Nice to see a green area for running (at least on youtube). Here is mostly desert and very hot almost all year long and it rains like 6 days a year lol. hey, keep it up.

  • Run Guru Run says:

    great running AND commentary! I did wonder why this route looked familiar…..its often my SLR on a Sunday!

  • Don't know how you manage to chat at that pace. I can just about let out a grunt or two at parkrun. Still a few seconds short of a sub 19. Great running and that looks like a lovely place you live.

  • RoyJMusic says:

    It's definitely possible, in fact most people over train, I know of a few people that run 5K once a week ( Parkruns ), with no other running training, one does a bit of cycling and the other the odd run now and again and they both run consistent times and still get PB's or PR's whatever you call them in England. I know of another guy who never ever went to running training and consistently outperformed his friends running once a week. In the end though as we all are different we need to experiment and see what works for us individually as it may not work for all! Good running Chris! I'm still trying to crack a sub 20 5K again but I find it's getting harder and harder as I age, now heading towards 60, but I'll keep trying and hope the cooler weather comes and helps me out. Cooler for us is 17C or in the 60's F haha!

  • 🙂 Great running Chris!

  • Cracking run Chris that's awesome!! Well done

  • Phil Ellul says:

    I thought you was going to get faster pb shape how comes you sprint now

  • Chris PT says:

    Do you ever have runs that you feel you 'pull out of the hat'? This is how I think of my good runs that almost don't happen. Like this one…. It was after 1pm today and I was literally on the verge of putting a giant pizza into the oven, then I somehow stopped myself and the idea of a 5k came to me instead! This abruptly stopped a 3-day phase of too much food and not enough exercise, and to run it half a minute faster than I expected made it all the more worthwhile.

  • Chris PT says:

    All polls on this channel are devised by me 🙂 It's just a useful option that adds interest to videos, and helps me to know my viewers better (nothing to do with advertising or anything like that)