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Virtual run 4k, trailrunning nature scenery along a river in Norway
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Join me on this virtual running video as we follow the river. The river, called Jølstra is a popular for salmon fishing. You’ll see a few cabins along the trails, used by the fishers. We’ll even have to jump over a part of the river. It’s mostly grass and gravel.

The video is with metrics, making it easy for you to adjust the speed if you want to.

The route is 8.2km / 5.1m
Average speed: 5:35 min/km / 9:00​ min/m
Average speed on your treadmill: 10.7 KPH / 6.7 MPH
The run on Strava:

Welcome to the Virtual Running Videos Channel: Virtual Run TV! This channel contains treadmill running videos, indoor running videos, indoor running, virtual running videos, Norwegian nature scenery, and virtual run videos. I started this channel to show the rest of the world my beautiful country, Norway. Experience running in Norwegian nature with a virtual run in the beautiful outdoors from your treadmill.


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