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Experience what tourists from around the world fly to Norway to see. On this virtual run, you’ll see the famous Bryggen and the fish market in Bergen. Bryggen is one of Bergen’s and Norway’s main attractions. Bryggen was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The city is a designated World Heritage City. The world heritage site consists of the old Hanseatic wharf and buildings, and one of the best known urban areas from the Middle Ages in all of Norway.
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The route is 6.7km / 4,1m
Average speed: 5:47/kmh / 9:17mph
The run on Strava:

Jump on your treadmill, and follow along while you’re doing your workout, treadmill walk, or just eating popcorn and enjoying the fantastic nature scenery from Norway!

ASMR lovers – It’s only natural sounds, no music, so you’ll hear my footsteps, breathing, clearing my throat. But also birds chirping!

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