WHY A Treadmill Workout Is Highly Overrated & Can Cause A Muscle Imbalance!

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Unfortunately for many people, all they do to exercise their lower body is to do a treadmill workout. While running or walking on a treadmill is indeed good to get extra cardiovascular activity, it isn’t really strengthening your muscles in a way that is desirable.

Because we sit a lot during the day, our glute muscles get lengthened and weak, while our hip flexors get tight. On the treadmill, this muscle imbalance can become exacerbated. This is because you are using your hip flexors to bring your leg forward, but the treadmill belt is bringing your leg back for you. Essentially, the treadmill is doing a lot of work for you. So you can then further the muscle imbalance that you already have. This can then lead to things such as an anterior pelvic tilt happening to you and other issues.

So to fix this, I’m not saying to stop using the treadmill. I’m saying to workout your glutes and hamstrings more. So do exercises like lunges, squats, deadlifts, and hamstirng curls. Doing these exercises will strengthen your lower body effectively, provided they are done with good form.
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