2020 Holidays Universal Studios Orlando Florida Treadmill Workout Full Park Steady Walkthrough

Stuck at home during the holidays wishing you were at Universal Orlando Resort? Take a stroll through Universal Studios Florida with the Run The Impossible Treadmill Series! Control your speed using the built in controls in Youtube (hit the gear and choose speed) and you can feel like you’re working out in the movies!

This video was filmed on November 17th, 2020. Masks were worn during the entirety of our visit.

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Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom twinmusicom.org
Promoted by MrSnooze
CC BY 4.0

Snowflake by Ikson
Promoted by MrSnooze


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1 Comment

  • Grk Rtr says:

    I love your channel!! I also wish you posted 2 versions of the same video- one with the background music like the one above and one with the actual sounds of the park, so it would feel as if you are actually there in the park running/walking 🙂 not sure if that is possible 🙂 thank you for everything you do!