35 Minute Treadmill Workout! Endurance, Strength and Speed…oh my! For all Levels

35 Minute Treadmill Workout. Endurance, Strength and Speed…
Plus 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down.
This workout is for runners and walkers. You’ll be instructed on how to set your pace at the start of the video.

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On this channel you’ll be able to get treadmill workouts where I will be toughing it out on the treadmill with you. You’ll also be able to get other types of information on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Let’s motivate each other to keep using our treadmills and get amazing results. I will do my best to challenge you to go to new heights to help you become stronger, better and faster!

Many of the workouts are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. HIIT workouts not only help build endurance, strength and speed but they are great ways to burn an increased amount of calories and with HIIT workouts you get maximum results in less time. Using a treadmill to change your routine and the intensity of your workout can help you reach new highs in your personal fitness.

Again TreadChic, has been designed for all individuals regardless of your fitness level. It is for the slowest of walkers to the fastest of sprinters. Each participant is given guidelines to determine their speed at the start of class.

I truly believe that we need to help empower one another to reach new and wonderful levels. It is my vision to make sure participants complete each workout feeling challenged and empowered to come back and do it again!

Before I go I want to remind you that during the workouts you will be taking your body above your comfort level. Push yourself but be sensible and please remember that each individual is different. This is your class….you need to work at YOUR level and push YOUR level and not try to compete or try to do way more than you’re ready for. We want to make sure we remain injury free so that we can always enjoy working out and making our bodies better. Let’s go!


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