4K City Walks: Budapest, Hungary Andrassy Avenue Tour – Virtual Walk Treadmill Exercise Video

It’s Christmas time and I’m traveling in Budapest and the area for the month so I’m going to integrate several European walks into the queue. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the Utah and Colorado walks too.
Let’s go hiking in Budapest! I filmed 4K City Walks: Budapest, Hungary Andrassy Avenue Tour – Virtual Walk Treadmill Exercise Video as a free tour along Andrassy UT (avenue) in Downtown free walkign tours Budapest.

I’m your tour guide on this free walking tour around downtown Budapest, HU. It’s a bustling, historic, beautiful city on the Danube River. This free tour Budapest starts near the Danube downtown and is a great treadmill video.

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If you are making a free tour Budapest treadmill walk, or looking for a Budapest walking tour free from the smells of the city, this may be the walking tour for you. Free walking Budapest tours can be found by a quick search if you are going to visit Budapest but this will give you a nice idea of what to do in Budapest in December. This walking tour will go from Elizabeth Square ( aka Erzabet Ter), and the Christmas Market there, over to the Hero’s Square on the edge of City Park.
This citytrip Budapest is a nice starter for our coming Budapest walks and is a great Budapest free tour. We had taken a free guided tour Budapest the day before and learned just enough to get myself into trouble. Budapest free walking tours can be arranged by reservation and require only a tip at the end if you feel like it. Free Budapest tours can be a great way to get started on your visit and city sightseeing budapest. When you’ve watched all of our Budapest walking tours I hope you’ll let us know which is the best walking tour Budapest.
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There are many hotels downtown Budapest that we pass by in this city sights tour. Hotels in Budapest, Hungary can be found downtown or out by the train stations and all parts of the city. There are many city sites in this city sightseeing tours and budapest guided tours. If you choose to visit Budapest, there are many things to do and Budapest events and activities today and every day. So, sit back and check out these city sights as we tour around the Budapest tourist attractions.

Andrássy Avenue (Hungarian: Andrássy út) is a boulevard in Budapest, Hungary, dating back to 1872. It links Erzsébet Square with the Városliget. Lined with spectacular Neo-renaissance mansions and townhouses featuring fine facades and interiors, it was recognised as a World Heritage Site in 2002. It is also one of Budapest’s main shopping streets, with fine cafes, restaurants, theatres, Embassies and luxury boutiques. Among the most noticeable buildings are the State Opera House, the former Ballet School (under reconstruction for several years), the Zoltán Kodály Memorial Museum and Archives, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Arts.
Notable Spots:
Andrássy Avenue with the Hungarian State Opera House (left side), 1896.
Hungarian State Opera House
Drechsler House
The “Pest Broadway”: a junction of Nagymező utca with four exquisite theatres at its four corners
Franz Liszt square: a square with the Academy of Music and a multitude of cafés
Oktogon: junction with Grand Boulevard
Kodály körönd
House of Terror (Terror Háza): commemorating the two main oppressing regimes in Hungary, Fascism and Communism, and their victims (website, ÁVH)
Franz Liszt Memorial House and the old Academy of Music
Zoltán Kodály Memorial House
College of Fine Arts
Ferenc Hopp East-Asian Art Museum
Heroes’ Square: the entrance of the City Park, with the Millennium Monument, the Palace of Art (Budapest), the Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest)

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  • Gold Zecchin says:

    Me encanta, hice Londres el primer día en Europa, fui a Praga Roma y Budapest fue un viaje excelente, lo mejor es hacer un free tour el primer día, mi free tour favorito fue con los de https://elpasobudapest.com

  • Aleks Kevyn says:

    The building opposite of the Opera is the Drechler Palace, used as the State Ballet Institute in the communist times. Now saled, and started to rebuild as a Hotel…
    The accomonations in Hungary are in private hands, even the not so rich people owning their flats. This system very different as in the USA or UK, where only just the very rich people owning their flats, everybody else just renting. So if a building reconstructing or not depending from the budget of their owners, and not from the local authorities. On this way the repair a bit slower, but the main central areas now relatively well reconstructed. But the city so grandiouse (built as an Imperial capital, not as a capital of a relatively small country), need help from the state to repair correctly everything, because all of this precious monuments costs lot of money to renew. Even that, on the last 30 years the majority of the city renewed well (especially the touristy important areas), but still of course you could find grey facade buildings on certain zones.
    But this is not relating with the general economical performance, because Budapest could have enough money to repair everything on the last 30 years, but Budapest gave its money to the country, on much higher ratio, as any other city in Europe. This is a tradition since 1945. Budapest producing the 40% of Hungary's GDP, and receive back from the incomes only 8%…. This is a solidarity based system, to helping those parts of the country, which still behind….But the consequence is that not all the buildings are freshly painted 😀….. I think we will survive that 😉

  • petjup71 says:

    Not utka…..it´s utsa!

  • Andrew says:

    Wonderful video thank you very much for the upload. I especially enjoy your city journeys

  • Alesh B says:

    My relatives live in southern Slovakia just above Budapest, I'm in Budapest every summer and it's amazing to see even the grand buildings in the castle district that communists took down are being rebuild from scratch, even the castle will be rebuilt from inside out as it once was before. Lot of details statues, buildings and squares are being rebuild from scratch around the city if they've been torn down. I think the castle district project is the biggest reconstruction project in the world. It's worth checking out skyscrapercity about it if anyone is interested.

  • GoodWalkers says:

    Very beautiful walk, Henry 😊
    So many amazing architecture 😊
    Can't wait to see it by myself 😊

  • What a lovely city, so much wonderful architecture – thanks for showing us around, great job again Henry!

  • Jma. 82 says:

    Good job, new friend from London UK 👍, merry Christmas in advance all the best for next year 🍾🎄🥂⛄🎆🍸🍷🍹🍺♥️🥃🥂🍻🎅

  • . Another top video, enjoying Budapest especially as I haven't been there, it is a lovely city to walk around. Incidentally I don't mind the slight up and down motion of your camera, you are walking and it all adds to the realism. Thanks for doing my travelling for me. Merry Christmas where ever you happens to be spending it. Duncan

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  • Great Work my Friend! I ALWAYS return support to channels who support me! I wish you a nice WEEKEND!

  • Great walk. Super nice. Really had fun watching it. Happy Holidays! : )

  • The place is truly amazing ! Hope you will support back

  • Ehsan Saadat says:

    Amazing city keep it up 👍👍😍👍

  • My dear friend, I liked your work! Nice video thank you for sharing! Thank you for your friendship))

  • Travel Tuber says:

    Budapest is amazing. So neat and clean city. Thanks for sharing with us.