After Treadmill Workout | DYAN CASTILLEJO

After the Treadmill Workout, letโ€™s get down on the mat โ€” tone and strengthen Legs, Glutes, Arms & ABS.

Simple but powerful moves on the mat to feel a tremendous stretch tone and strength to upper and lower body. God bless! Stay healthy and Happy. ๐Ÿ’›

Love, Dyan



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  • Kahit workout kda oras wla ka kwenta sama ng ugali,,,,yung pg sabi mo ng your president duterte leche ka cno kba s akala mo di kba s pilipinas nkatira bwisit ka nawala respeto nmin s u dito nang nkita nmin s interview n pikita lng s cell ng fren nmn. Dhil gma kme dito. lumayas ka ng pilipinas.