Benefits of Incline Treadmill Training at ATHLETIC REPUBLIC

See how incline treadmill training helps you decrease your 40 by 2 tenths of a second…

200-300% greater muscle recruitment at an incline versus level ground training at same stride frequency. Greater knee drive, forced dorsi flexion of the ankle, improved lower body sprint mechanics.


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  • Greg Marin says:

    In my experience with 2 meniscus situations. if I run up a hill I can run as fast as I can but when I do Hill sprints on a treadmill I only go about 75% Max. It is a bit different on the treadmill so I would just be careful

  • MikeDunn says:

    @dmatuse How about incline walking?

  • dmatuse says:

    All is wrong. You have no idea how bad is the incline geometry for your knees !!! I had a torn meniscus removed (part of it) and when I started using incline treadmill, I noticed that my knee alignment was off. The pain developed slowly.
    The point is that your healthy knees are at much more stress and danger to be damaged one day, so I hope you will not end up doing knee surgery.
    There is no desire to scare you – just a fact…
    After 35-40 you should be careful…