Exercises for a Baby with Low Tone #21:Treadmill Training

I am producing this video series with my co-instructor, Myla Sunshine, who is a beautiful girl who has low tone and Down syndrome. She lives 250 miles from my house. Her parents were nice enough to allow me, a perfect stranger, to come in and share their daughter with the world. Thank you, again. My name is Amy Sturkey. I am a pediatric physical therapist from the United States. I hope to follow Myla as she develops. I hope to teach ideas to help her learn to move, crawl, sit and walk. I started this video series after questions came in from all over the world from people seeking assistance in helping children with low tone. The ideas I teach in this video are not appropriate for a much weaker child than the one featured in this video. I hope you find this idea useful and simple. My website is www.pediatricPTexercises.com My Facebook page is Pediatric Physical Therapy Exercises. I have applications in iTunes and Google for Pediatric Physical Therapy Strengthening. However, these applications target children 3 years of age or older. My informational book, “A is for Autism” and
“D is for Down Syndrome” are available on Amazon. Do not hesitate to contact me at amysturkey@gmail.com with questions, concerns or favorable reviews!


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