Exercises to Get a Big Butt Using a Treadmill : Training & Body Sculpting

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If you’re trying to get a bigger butt, there are a few key treadmill-based exercises that you can do on a regular basis to help with your goal. Get a big butt using a treadmill with help from a researcher, educator, and advocate for lifestyle medicine in this free video clip.

Expert: Nina Cherie Franklin
Filmmaker: Woody Franklin

Series Description: Exercise training and body sculpting isn’t something that requires you to head out to the gym day after day. Get tips on exercise training and body sculpting with help from a researcher, educator, and advocate for lifestyle medicine in this free video series.


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  • Rimpa Pal says:

    Thank you so much

  • Linda 82 says:

    My butt is already big

  • ramiz mia says:

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  • CJB b says:

    sigh………please don't fall for this ignorance that lunges, squats, leg curls, whatever, is gonna give you a bigger butt…..it will give you an athletic butt and athletic and muscular legs, but not a round butt like you think you're gonna get, that's purely genetics……walking lunges will give you a big butt about as much as heavy bench presses will give you big boobs

  • I've been walking on an incline for a few weeks and ive really noticed a difference in my legs and butt…

  • Well hell what treadmill is this? I like this one. I will gladly bump my incline to 5.0 with 2.5 speed…is that OK? I don't do it for long but for 2 mins or so.

  • Shon9tilR says:

    I go all the way down to do walking lunges. Maybe that's why my knees get sore.

  • kev says:

    butt muscles

  • How long does it take to see results?

  • Tiffanyantt says:

    Ok sorry for being slow but what do you mean when you say set it at 3% or 5%?
    I have my treadmill set on 7.0 at 3.5 speed. Do that mean 7%incline?

  • Luv Terry says:

    why on God's green earth do people make videos that say how to get a bigger butt ..
    yet they don't even have one

  • Treadmill says:

    Butt ! This video goes to the title very nicely .
    But one who has not yet watched this video, won't be able to realize the efficiency of training on treadmill for health in many ways .

  • toruna kabir says:

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  • I'm a critic beautiful lady but them butt muscles look too loose! everything else looks descent! the video made booty look flabby just saying! & no in not perfect but if I have issues I no how to accommodate them! bc ppl judge & I pls me first then sum! Butt's r very important so if it's powerless pls cover it up! my opinions!!! Peace*

  • This is so informative…. thanks Dr. Franklin. By the way you are beautiful

  • Pat Andersen says:

    Thank you Dr. Franklin, these are great !!, very informative and useful video. I subscribed.

  • I do this Also and it works I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BUTT.

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