How We Train Legs/Glutes 4 Times a Week | FULL LEG WORKOUT with Sharelle Grant

How to train Glutes & Legs with High Frequency & Volume. This training split is useful for bringing up lagging body parts or areas that you want to prioritise more. We’re doing it focusing more on Legs & glutes but the same principles apply for all body parts. Sharelle is currently 23 weeks out of her physique competition – so we’ll be doing more of these in the future if you’re interested!

In this video we go through the full workout, including sets, reps and exercises, and I ask Sharelle all about the thought process behind this high frequency training program, and how she balances her training, lifestyle, cardio and nutrition for her contest prep.

TRAIN WITH SHARELLE – Follow Sharelle’s exact workouts as she continues to prep for her show –


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00:00 – Timestamps because Uncle Eugene cares
01:00 – Workout Start – Superset 1 – Hip Thrusts & DB RDLs
02:18 – How Sharelle Measures Recovery & Progress
05:00 – Cardio Programming for Contest Prep
06:53 – Superset 2 – Split Squats & Hyperextensions
08:44 – Programming Thoughts with Sharelle
09:25 – How to Put Together a High Frequency Program
11:02 – 45 Degree Hyperextensions
12:30 – Muscular Imbalances


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