motionlabHD Treadmill Training System

MotionLabHD is a special DVD that you watch while you are exercising on your treadmill, bicycle, or rowing machine But this is an oversimplification.

MotionLabHD represents a profound scientific breakthrough in mental, physical and technical conditioning, using rich inspirational media and sophisticated autogenic training techniques.

Filmed in high-definition in first and third person perspectives using trademark steadicam techniques, and Recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, for a controlled positive virtual reality experience more life-like than you could have imagined it. The experience will leave you breathless.

It is what Astronauts are using now on the International space station, as a vital physical and mental countermeasure for long-term missions, and Olympic athletes choose to fine-tune their conditioning in human kinetic labs.

Coaches know that students learn skills best from being mentored by experts; by following athletes and imprinting perfect movement over time. MotionLabHD is a rapid means to improve technique in a given sport.

Choose from a wide selection of workouts, spectacular locations and sport modes:

Run the West Coast trail in the Pacific Rim National park, through old growth forest;
Trek along the sea cliffs of Gross Morne park in Newfoundland;
Try snow-shoeing and Nordic skiing in the Laurentains;
Attend a group trail run in Gatineau hills or a solo run in the leaves during fall colours;
Experience a marathon with 10,000 runners;
Mountain-bike the national-championship race-course with competitors;
Kayak lakes and rivers;
Pre-visualize in an Olympic cross country ski race;
Ride through the countryside on your bicycle;
Hike to the top of a volcano;
Traverse a Rocky Mountain glacial pass;
Stroll the boardwalks over paradise meadows, or
Traverse an endless beach at sunset.


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