Pharaoh Hound Treadmill workout

Pharaoh Hound Pharuz Treadmill walk


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  • AlohaLivin says:

    It is abusive and neglectful to do this – the poor dog can’t say no and he can’t stop no matter what he wants. You are lazy and cruel, I feel so sorry for your poor dog to live with a cruel human who never thinks of what the dog may want or need. But then you did choose a pure bred so we already know a lot about you as a person 😒 Stop it, someone,should do this to YOU!

  • I am in Vietnam. I want to breed Pharaoh hound. I need your help.

  • M. M. says:

    Sad to have a dog on a treadmill- but sad for humans too– better to walk and run in nature.

  • Atlacatl says:

    yes, that's called socialization. if you get your dog wen its really young it will be an easy thing to do same thing goes for cats. what you should worry about is your dog going after squirrels, especially if it sees one crossing the street

  • 36DD says:

    i love one dog works for his food the other has to sit for his lol =D

  • SwornSwordII says:

    I am considering getting a Pharaoh. The only concern being their prey drive. There is a dog park near my home, that allows dogs to be off-leash. Can a Pharaoh Hound be trained to avoid seeing smaller dogs (terriers and beagles) as prey? Is their prey drive so strong that they can never be trusted off-leash?


  • SwornSwordII says:

    I'm impressed he stayed on without a leash. Did it take a long time to get him to like walking on the threadmill?