Take A Tour Of Italy On Your NordicTrack Treadmill With World Class iFit Personal Trainers

Check out the latest destination available on your NordicTrack treadmill from iFit. Explore Italy with World Class iFit Trainers.

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  • Nicole Noel says:

    I've really enjoyed the Italy workouts and I have improved my fitness A LOT! I had to override the workouts all the time in the beginning. They'd say, "I'm going to increase your speed (or incline) and I'd say, "Oh no, you're not!" and turn it down, but over time I had to do it less and less and now I even have to increase the speed a little because I find it more comfortable to run a bit faster. Thanks guys! The training is excellent and I love it so much when you run through cities and I can see inside the shops!

  • Even at the resolution set to high on the console, the ifit video quality is far from this. It's more like 720p, certainly not 1080P. I tried connecting it to a HD 24 inches TV with HDMI cable and it was too low to be acceptable. I wish it was that good, but it's far from it.