Treadmill Training for Carmen the Black Labrador, Day 6

Six days after first being introduced to the treadmill, which I keep in my bedroom, Carmen the Black Lab, a 7-year old, 85 lb.-beauty, has gotten to the point where she hops on the treadmill three or four times a day just for something to DO. It’s been icy and rainy out this week and she isn’t getting her usual outdoor walks. When the weather’s good, out we go, but even if she does get her walks during the day she loves to go on the treadmill before bed, right after I take my turn in the morning, or any time I invite her on board. Today she did over a mile. Cesar Millan would be proud!


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  • verukah says:

    She always wears a collar, but at the VERY first, I had a leash attached and stood in front of her so she wouldn't wander off. Then I dispensed with that, and kept a stash of VERY special treats that she only got after the treadmill. That did it. It also helped that I got on it a lot during the winter and she likes to be with me, so she kept trying to get me to get off and let her on.

  • verukah says:

    Yep, Carmen likes to smell stuff on her DAILY WALKS! Just because she can also do the treadmill doesn't mean she always does the treadmill, People!

  • DJ Scottdog says:

    dogs hate tredmills the reason dogs like going on walks is they can smell different smells

  • Tom G says:

    thumbs up for frickin maddass women!

  • verukah says:

    I love Finland! I was there recently, but during the summer. I'm not sure I'd do so great there in the winter. My brother lived there for two years and has such fond memories. I fear you misunderstand me regarding the amount of time the dog is on the treadmill. She does most of her exercise at my side on long jogs. We went three miles last evening. But when I don't want to take her, she enjoys having the treadmill as a happy alternative. Enjoy your beautiful country.

  • verukah says:

    We just got back from an hour long jog. Update to treadmill. I no longer attach the magnetic lanyard. She just hops off and on as she wants. For those of you who have a treadmill you want to train your animals on, please post here. I expect in the good weather you'll be outside walking but if not, let them enjoy. I tried training my cat on it, but she wouldn't have any of it. There are some GREAT YouTube vids of cats on treadmills, btw.

  • janisjan says:

    My dog looks exactly like urs! Mine is female black lab, 1 year and 2.5 months. I always thought mine is about 70 lbs only, but if urs is 85lbs, then mine must be about 85lbs also!!? Can't believe how much alike they are, since not all black labs look the same.

  • janisjan says:

    @sakusia relax, the dog seems pretty happy to me. you can tell by the tail wagging wagging.

  • Deven Aman says:

    my grampas dog died this week… i cant have a dog b/c my dad is alleregic

  • verukah says:

    Your comment shows you to be very judgmental and unkind. She does indeed love to walk outside. This past week we've done about 7 miles of outside walks, but when it's slippery and cold outside or if she's feeling antsy at a time when I can't take her out, she's happy to hop on the treadmill. Just one more thing for her to enjoy. Why people like you feel like it's okay to attack anonymously on the internet is beyond me. Try being civil. I didn't post this to promote torture and animal cruelty!

  • sakusia says:

    Why don't you just take her for a walk you lazy woman? Maybe your fat and want to eat TV dinners while watching Oprah or Sex and the City( the women gurus of America). Yes im making this personal this is animal torture. I had a lab and she liked to be outside playing in the snow. Labs are not indoor types of dogs. They are extremely active and intelligent.

  • love the vid and love your lab. this is a great idea.

  • V. FUNNY,, i could lose my balls if i saw it again,,

  • S Flake says:

    You're still crazy, but at least the dog is happy!