Treadmill Training: Pediatric Physical Therapy Exercises for a Baby with Low Tone #47

I am producing this video series with my co-instructor, Myla Sunshine, who is a beautiful girl who has low tone and Down syndrome. She lives 250 miles from my house. Her parents were nice enough to allow me, a perfect stranger, to come in and share their daughter with the world. Thank you, again. My name is Amy Sturkey. I am a pediatric physical therapist from the United States. I hope to follow Myla as she develops. I hope to teach ideas to help her learn to move, crawl, sit and walk. I started this video series after questions came in from all over the world from people seeking assistance in helping children with low tone. The ideas I teach in this video are not appropriate for a much weaker child than the one featured in this video. I hope you find this idea useful and simple.

My website is My Facebook page is Pediatric Physical Therapy Exercises. My informational books, “A is for Autism,” “C is for Cerebral Palsy,” “D is for Down Syndrome,” “Pediatric Physical Therapy Strengthening Exercises for the Hips” and “Pediatric Physical Therapy Strengthening Exercises for the Knees” are available on Amazon. “A is for ADHD” should be available shortly. Do not hesitate to contact me at with questions, concerns or favorable reviews! Please note I am unable to provide treatment recommendations for a child I have not personally evaluated.

I am so honored to have people from all over the world watch my videos. I have reviewed and corrected the closed captions for this video so that you might understand what I am saying even if you don’t speak English. I hope the directions below are helpful to you.
To turn on Captions, click CC in the bottom right corner of the video
To choose a different caption language:
At the bottom right, click Settings. It looks like a wheel.
Click Subtitles/CC.
Select a language.
If the language isn’t listed when you click Subtitles/CC:
Click Auto-translate.
Select a language.


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