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A 4k virtual run along a part of the Berlin Wall Trail.
This virtual running video for treadmill starts in a garden area close to the former wall and soon follows the former borderline between the East and the West.

The Berlin Wall Trail traces the course of the former GDR border fortifications encircling West Berlin, the former western half of the city, along a total of around 160 kilometers.
In most sections, this hiking and bike trail runs along the former patrol road used by customs officers in West Berlin or along the border control road used by GDR border troops for their own patrols.


00:00 Intro
00:35 Workout begins / Gardens
06:00 Berlin Wall Trail
28:50 Wilderness

Take a deep breath of fresh air and take the outdoor activity inside.
Join me in this cross-country jogging video for elliptical exercise machines or indoor training.

The route is 5.6 km / 3.5 m long

My average speed was : 6:​​08 min per km / 9:48​​​ min per mile

The average speed was: 9.9 KPH / 6.2 MPH

Location: Berlin Treptow / Berlin Neukölln – Germany.

This Video is recorded with natural sounds.
You hear the authentic ambience of the run including my footsteps, breathing, bypassing cars, birds and sometimes me, clearing my throat.

Virtual runs for treadmill are a great way to burn some calories and anxiety for fitness and calm during quarantine lockdowns.

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