Virtual Run | Breathtaking Nature Scenery for your Virtual Treadmill Workout

On this virtual run, you’ll get to experience Norway’s gorgeous nature. The trail starts along a 3km lake before it turns a bit upwards towards another lake. In the end, the trail goes downwards, following a creek.
You’ll see very old cabins, benches made of stone, hand made bridges and much more.
If you like trail running or generally running in nature, this is a perfect video for you.

The route is 9km / 5,6m
Average speed: 6:33km / 10:34m
The run on Strava:

Jump on your treadmill, and follow along while you’re doing your workout, treadmill walk, or just eating popcorn and enjoying the fantastic nature scenery from Norway!

ASMR lovers – It’s only natural sounds, no music, so you’ll hear my footsteps, breathing, clearing my throat. But also birds chirping!

I hope you enjoy my virtual run videos. If you have any questions or opinions, please write a comment. And I’d be really happy if you subscribe to my channel as well!

Links to the gear I use:

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Trail Running Shoes:

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