Virtual Run | Insane Snowbanks in Norwegian Scenery | Treadmill Workout | Virtual Walk

The day after i made this video, there was an avalanche, and the road was closed! Join me on a dangerous run between very high snowbanks on both sides of a narrow road. The snow is melting, so it can be dangerous if the snowbanks collapse. Luckily, I’m still alive, it went fine, and you’re lucky to experience this run on your treadmill.
The mountain is called Gaularfjellet. I ran the last 6 km before we end up on a viewpoint called Utsikten, and the view is amazing, it’s a tourist attraction in Norway.

The route is 6km / 3,7m
Average speed: 5:41/kmh / 9:05mph
Treadmill speed: 10,6
The run on Strava:

Jump on your treadmill, and follow along while you’re doing your workout, treadmill walk, or just eating popcorn and enjoying the fantastic nature scenery from Norway!

ASMR lovers – It’s only natural sounds, no music, so you’ll hear my footsteps, breathing, clearing my throat. But also birds chirping!

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