Virtual Walk Over Alpine Passes – Videos For Treadmill Exercises And Workouts

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A DVD from the Ambient Collection® – Filmed with high definition cameras.

Ever feel bored on the treadmill or can’t find the time to get out to a park or to your favorite city spot?

– Well here’s the solution…Our new range of virtual walk DVD gives you the freedom to choose from many different places and sceneries from around the world. Simply put our DVD in your player and off you go!

We believe that our videos will truly inspire you to exercise longer as the time seems to fly by. Walking, jogging or running whilst watching our DVD makes exercising a more enjoyable, refreshing experience. Make your fitness sessions more fun and watch your calories burn off even faster!


Duration: 24:50 minutes
Start your journey in France and jog into Italy. Look out over majestic mountains above the clouds, descend through them, and then challenge yourself to climb back up the steep mountain roads.

Duration: 17:20 minutes
Walk into the awe-inspiring Autumn, alpine mountain scenery of the French Col Vieux then cross over the Col d’Izoard, famed for its surreal desert-type landscapes.

Duration: 20:34 minutes
Jog into the alpine valleys and enjoy the sounds of the cowbells as your journey continues in the high altitudes of the snow-covered Spanish Pyrenees and ends up on the Col Vieux.


Review of the Fitness DVD: Virtual Walks – Alpine Mountain Passes
I really enjoyed this video, for a number of reasons. First: the pace: I found it perfect for the treadmill and for my spin bike. Secondly, the scenery: it was breathtaking. After the workout, you feel as if you “been somewhere.” Third, the production values: this video is a work of love. You can tell the producers really cared about the workout experience. I also like the fact that you have a choice of letting a 30 min. workout “repeat” after 30 min. has been reached–OR, you can choose another couple of workouts with new, equally breathtaking, scenery.
Dan Carrison


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