Working Out With Weights On The Treadmill! | Perez Hilton

Celebrity trainer Mike Donavanik tells us the DOs and DONTs of working out with weights on the treadmill! Plus, why it’s great for you!

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Working Out With Weights On The Treadmill! | Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton


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  • Karim Amin says:

    You want to lose weight and only have 20 mins? Just do some squats

  • otahu Rice says:

    15lbs for 2hours.. I'm going for 25. Life of a Longshore is a lot harder dealing with Ships rigg'n then the gym. Try a 16 hour shift of lifting 100 lbs bars over your head. in the alley way of a container ship. with two 1 super hours. an 3 brakes and 15 min brakes.

  • Miami says:

    I hold the weights straight in a 90 degree angle for a good 30 yards and switch arms
    If I angle it up, i feel it in my triceps and traps

  • This DOES add intensity and raises heart rate. I have done this for years. Keep steady walking pace. Do not run. Your shoulders will see benefits in long walks…. and burn like hell 😂

  • This works. Put on heart rate monitor, run on treadmill at 3.5mph, 3 incline with 10lb weights in each hand set time to 30min. Perform arm exercises (be creative) and walk on treadmill until heart rate climbs to 155bpm, then put weights in cup holders continue to walk until heart rate decreases to 145bps, then pickup weights and to arm exercises and walk on treadmill until heart rate is back up to 155bps. Then put weights in cup holders walk until heart rate drops to 145bpm. Contiue this interval for 25mins to 30min.
    The beats per min (bpm) is based on my age. (220-47=173bpm max (173*.9=155 & 173*.84=145bpm))
    I perform this workout which keeps me in hear rate in zone 4 for (25 to 20min) once or twice a week and I achieve good physical, cardio and weight loss results.

  • Started into this routine two weeks ago. It is an amazing workout. Already up to one mile at a 4.0 incline maintaining speeds from 2.5 to 3.0. The norm is one mile with weights and jog .25 miles to a cool down. I also incorporate yoga into my workout.

  • Karen Burke says:

    It's no more dangerous than carrying groceries while walking. A heavy body burns more calories than a lighter body, so if you can temporarily use extra pounds to your advantage why not? Wi a treadmill, you can control fluid intake, speed, and the air temp around you, so why not use something like a weight vest, leg weights, or arm weights?

    Now, is adding weights an example of fartlek or is it only fartlek if you add different speeds? Such a fun word…

  • Actually, it´s not a bad idea… but mainly just to keep you from placing your hands on the treadmill, which makes you work your core and whole body to keep your balance … that´s the main benefit, as the weights you have to hold are very light if you're going to use them for an extensive period.

  • Robert Baldi says:

    "Celebrity trainer" – that about sums it up! Do weights properly, do running properly, don't do half-arsed shit like this